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Clear Flight Drones Portfolio

We have been fortunate to fly our drones around the world. We take still shots and video of almost anything you could imagine, so please take a look through a small selection of our work below, and let us know how we can work with you!

Botswana Thamalakane river sunset Botswana Thamalakane river sunset
Clear Flight Drones set up Clear Flight Drones set up
Clear Flight Drones Post Edit Clear Flight Drones Post Edit
Clear Flight Drones Pier Clear Flight Drones Pier
Clear Flight Drones Logo Clear Flight Drones Logo
Guanaja Fruit Harbour Guanaja Fruit Harbour


A little bit about me,  Alan Roche CAA, PfCO Chief Remote Pilot for Clear Flight Drones.

After running my own businesses for 25 years, I decide to have a change in career in 2017.


Drone Services

At Clear Flight Drones we understand the the technological advances within the drone industry are a challenge to keep up with, so we have listed the services that we currently offer our clients, but if you have a project that you think a drone could help you with, please let us know.

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Drone FAQs

As a drone pilot I get asked a lot of questions about my drone, and what I can and cannot do. Whilst there are more questions than i could possibly answer here, i have complied  some of the most frequently asked questions for you.