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Drones FAQs

As a drone pilot I get asked a lot of questions about my drone, and what I can and cannot do. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Q: How high are you (as a PfCO qualified pilot) able to fly from actual ground level?
A: I can legally fly 400 feet above actual ground level.

Q: Are you able to fly and film at night?
A: Well, it depends in which country I am flying. However, in the UK, I am qualified to fly at night, as long as I have access to the area during daylight hours so that I can pre-plan my flight route.

Q:  Can you film over a town or city?
A: In general, and without special permission, the answer is no. However, if permission is granted by the necessary decision makers and I deem it safe to do so, then yes, in theory I can.

Q: If I employ you to carry out a photo shoot and it’s raining on the day, are you able to proceed with the shoot?
A: Absolutely not, even if it is not raining at the time but is on its way, the answer is no.

Q: Are you able to film a moving object over water, say the sea?
A: Yes, I can, this does not present a problem for me.

Q: Are you able to shoot film in 1080P?
A: Yes, I am able to shoot film in 720,1080 and 4K.

Q: What if I want you to film from a hill that is 1000 feet high?
A: This will be fine as I am able to fly at a height of 400 feet above actual ground level (see diagram)

Q: Can you take off and land on a moving object.
A: Yes this is perfectly legal and something I have done many times.

Alan Roche international
Commercial Drone Pilot. CAA PfCO 7882

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me by email on: alan@clearflightdrones.com


A little bit about me,  Alan Roche CAA, PfCO Chief Remote Pilot for Clear Flight Drones.

After running my own businesses for 25 years, I decide to have a change in career in 2017.


Drone Portfolio

We have an extensive portfolio so we have put together a small sample of our work for you to take a look at below.

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Drone Services

At Clear Flight Drones we understand the the technological advances within the drone industry are a challenge to keep up with, so we have listed the services that we currently offer our clients, but if you have a project that you think a drone could help you with, please let us know.